This website is dedicated to physicians suffering from depression, and those who care about them.  Depression is a surprisingly common, very serious, yet frequently unrealized diagnosis among healing professionals, and it is eminently treatable if recognized.  Yet far too often, it is not. 

Suicide is the most serious result of untreated depression, a medical disease. 

The loss of a healing professional to a treatable medical disease through ignorance, fear or denial is a travesty. 

Help us to spread knowledge about physician depression and suicide by visiting and referring others to this site. 

If you are a professional suffering from depressive symptoms, please know that you are not alone. Please view this excellent video on depression and suicide in physicians by the AFSP, entitled "Struggling in Silence".

If you are a person concerned about suicidal tendencies in any other person, please encourage them to get help from a professional.  

If you are a professional and you need resources for dealing with possible suicidality in anyone, please look at this site.

You can also view a short educational session I recorded in 2015 on QuantiaMD on Clinician Suicide.  (Free subscription required)

Never give up hope!

If you can ever make it to a total eclipse, you will be awed by the ability of the earth and its inhabitants to adapt to change and adversity.  It is probably the most awesome experience you will ever have.

What's NEW on the site March 2023 can be found in Inspirational Stories, and References relating to awareness of discriminatory practices, openness about mental illness despite these practices, and the critical necessity of decreasing stigmatization to promote treatment of depression and reduce suicide among physicians.